Acoustic Saints

A 360 concert

Acoustic Saints

A 360 concert
Acoustic Saints at the Aldabella

I really like the Aldabella. I really hate the drive to the Aldabella.

Video Setup
How We Got Dysonic

My little lab at AT&T was curious about ambisonic sound for 360 video. Audio lends so much to the overall video quality and we really wanted to show off how good 360 could feel.

Dr. Manuel Briand (AT&T’s resident audio scientist) was looking at doing some tests with ambisonics. So we put our peanut butter with his chocolate to see what we would get.

He brought in Dysonics for the audio capture, and I called up Stan Bush.

  • Acoustic Saints
  • Acoustic Saints
  • Acoustic Saints
Wine Country

The Aldabella fills up fast. Really fast. There is a small stage area surrounded with couches and a bar behind it. When you get someone like the Acoustic Saints to play such a small venue you are lucky if there is room to move.

We set up the Dysonic mic (about the shape and size of a rugby ball), our stereo mics, and the Samsung as inconspicuous as possible.

The poor engineer from Dysonic couldn’t move for the whole night, tucked under a coffee table, surrounded by equipment.

My Team
The Show

This is Harry and I at the Aldabella. I’ve got the Samsung Note 5, monitoring the show and camera status. It was a good night, we recorded almost the whole set. Easily over a dozen songs.

This was probably the most successful night of filming I had with the Samsung 360.

Love to Save the World

Because we have it, another song from that night.