AR Projects for the Google Tango

Google Tango & the Early Days of Augmented Reality
AR Projects for the Google Tango
Augmented Reality for Production
Unheard of when we were doing it, now it's table steaks.

When I created the Video & Immersion Studio (VLab) I saw that DIRECTV was in dire need of a team that would look at new technologies and demonstrate how they would influence production "from script to screen".

At the time I did this, there was no Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality hadn't come out of it's shell, and DIRECTV wasn't sure if 4K was going to be a safe bet.

As we evolved products like the Google Tango became a necessary part of our development, and part of our obsession with how production was changing.

AR Projects for the Google Tango
Just Another Day At The Office

We did a lot of work for internal promotions, so when they were concepting an elaborate Rube Goldberg recruitment video we were asked to participate.

In under ten days, we had created a Tango app that not only moved a chrome sphere across the floor, but could record the output.

Live reflections, and video recording were two things that were not native to the Tango, but we felt were worth building to pull off the effect.