Toms Shoes

Toms is a unique company with a brave vision.
Toms Interview
Toms Gives Back

Years ago an AT&T executive saw Toms founder, Blake Mycoskie, on TV talking about how great AT&T has been for them and their business. From that moment on, AT&T has been in love with Toms. And Toms give you lots to love: they give free shoes to the needy, work with local vendors in 3rd world countries boosting their economy, and they let people bring their dogs to work.

Toms Interview
Location, Location, and that other thing

The Toms office is slathered with great angles and unique work areas. They have a slide. It is a 360 video production dream. Every angle of their office is screen gold.

When filming with GoPros, the rule is: for every 5 GoPros you use 1 will fail. When filming with a 360 ball of GoPros, all the test shots were fine, the test video was fine, but when the rubber hit the road one camera randomly choked.

The glitch didn't show-up until after assembly in AutoPano. Part of the issue was gen-locking and part of it was a general non-committal attitude from a camera who "thought it would be fun at the start but quickly lost interest when things got hard".

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Show Me What You Got

My team also helped the team setting up the "Toms Road Show", or whatever they called it. A giant Toms Shoe Box with all sorts of experiences inside.

The marketing team wanted some ideas that would help wow visitors, and we spitballed some ideas that were affordable and easily doable.

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VR for Everyone!

Besides the brief 360° documentary, we lent technical support and creative ideas for the overall experience--A traveling theater in the iconic shape of a shoebox. A pretty good gig, if you can get it.