An animated feature I designed, pitched, and sold that no one ever saw.
Very Different Origins

The above art was done in Corel Dream, and touched up in Paint Shop Pro (it was before I could afford PhotoShop).

When I originally pitched this to Cartoon Network, they were less than interested. I had pitched four other shows to them, and they needed the room back. I knew they weren’t going to buy, so I pitched something so awful that they would remember me. It worked, six months later they emailed me back to hear more pitches. I had nothing. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even return the email. Life lesson learned. Later, I re-tooled one of the episode pitches into a video game, and eventually sold a new version of the pitch to GigaPix Studios.

Bunny Ball Toss
The story of a drunken zombie and his camera.

When GigaPix took over the Twilight project, the (then) President of the company made a lot of strange demands, one of them was that he would be incharge of all the cameras in all of the animations GigaPix produced. He had done one 3D camera shot a few years ago and thought that was the bee’s knees.

I called it “the drunken zombie cam” because it always looks like a drunk zombie is stumbling around with a camcorder. The above clip is one of my favorite examples of this effect.

Other Characters

The main story revolved around a bunny (Jr.Britches) and his friends (a pig, the pig’s little brother, the little brother’s GIANT teddy bear, and a sexy cat girl). I can’t for the life of me remember any other names.

I had turned in a script that was quickly absorbed and re-written by the GP President, and was given back to us as word of mouth descriptions of “cool scenes” he totally didn’t just think of when he walked into the room and forgot as soon as he walked out.


Character Study

So many bunnies!

Size Chart

Why did they ask for this?

Ortho Views

Yup, all the sides.