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Creative Developer

Dailey & Associates


Dailey Advertising provided me with a unique opportunity to flex my creative and technical muscle.

Advertising reminded me a lot of video game development, long hours, crazy deadlines, and constantly shifting project requirements. There is a point where insanity becomes normal, and normality is hard to deal with. I’ll admit stress is addictive, and I love love love fast paced project cycles. Dailey gave me a lot of great projects and let me build a really good team.



Advertising company with mostly print experience needed help moving into the digital frontier



Built a development team and pipelines tools for both web and video projects



Series of large scale multi-media production content development over a variety of deployments

  • Finders Keepers

    Build developer team

    Define internal roles

    Team training

  • Think Geek

    Create new APIs

    Increase production

    Improve efficiencies

  • Work it, Girl

    Set client expectations

    Work with 3rd party companies (NBC, Yahoo, AOL) to implement deliverables

    Fit 5 pounds into a 3 pound sack

  • Oops!

    Manage Q&A teams


  • Agile Certified and Waterfall Friendley

    Work closely with design team to set project parameters

    Provide input on new campaigns

    Research new Technologies

Role Skills Description
Manager Responsible for development coordination, managing client production, supervising teams, workflow coordination, and training Lead production through over 2000 banner ads (annual), national commercial campaigns, and variety of website builds
Developer Built and managed developer teams, constructed internal APIs, created applications, and delt with 3rd party technical integration Personally maintained a series of websites for Honda Powersports, Kings Hawiian, and others while managing development team, building video pipelines, and running R&D
Creative Helped create, implement, and manage seasonal campaign design and technology Spearheaded production for Hulu, Intuit, Nestle, Dole, and others

It’s Not All Money

I kept a variety of treats at my desk to keep teams going late nights and weekends. Plenty of ad campaigns were built on 4oz bottles of tequila.

Stay With the Work

When work goes into overtime, you stay with your employees until they are done. Late nights, overnight, early mornings a good manager buys dinner and brings breakfast.

Happy People Do Happy Work

If you respect your team, they will respect the work. Don’t let anyone disrespect your team or the job they are doing. Be a good buffer, and replace teammates who aren’t holding their own.

Family First

When you work in a high-stress environment, remember these people have family, pets, and lives on the outside. Work with them to keep their family a priority, and let the schedule allow for the unexpected.

Know What People Do

I like to be a stand-in for anyone on my team (as much as I can) so If one person is out, I can do a % of their work so they don’t get too far behind when they return.