Art Director, Creative Lead
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Art Director, Creative Lead



I was employee #1 at GigaPix Animation Studios. It was an animation startup funded by investors across the US, with possible injections from India and the Middle East. It was a scam, and yes the CEO, President, and one of the salesmen went to federal prison. The work the artists put in was very real, and I want to talk about that. If you want to talk about the other stuff, it is a 2 drink minimum.

We created several pitches for TV and film. Developed trailers for movies that no one would ever see, and produced several pieces of content. I sold my 1st feature concept to GP, and pitched shows to Disney on their behalf. I also ran the 2D department while working closely with Animation, VFX, and the 3D supervisor and teams. It was a madhouse run by lunatics, but we worked.



Animation startup needing content ideas and someone who can spearhead development around them



Created 30-40 pitches, developed 2-5 bibles and spec scripts, monthly. Managed 2D design staff



Movie and show trailers, pitches, print and sales material, and one FBI raid

  • No stress

    Directly responsible for managing daily company operations

  • Business nerd

    Profit and loss, business development

    Project costing

  • Get that name felt

    Overseeing marketing initiatives

  • Who you know

    Managing client consulting engagements

    Client relations

    New product management

  • Mad peeps

    Hiring and managing project personnel

    Staff evaluation

Role Skills Description
Co-Founder Set up the company, found clients, managed partnerships Decide on projects and clients to take on, look for avinues of interest outside our traditional scope.
CEO Built Studio, Team Lead, Budgeting, Purchasing Providing support for projects and team within defined parameters.
Creative Concepting and Design, Project Pitching, Motion & 3D Graphics, Video Production Make sure production matches the client's expectations while adhearing to internal standards of excelence.

Get to know your neighbors

Our studio was in an office building, and we got our 2nd largest client by talking with our neighbors.

Start with a (minimum) 3 person team

There are countless reasons why this is important, but I'll start it off with "how do you break a tie?"

Buy what you NEED NEED NEED

100% of the first six months came out of pocket, you will be suprized what you get for free, and asking doesn't cost you anything.

Net Neutrality

Working with Time Warner to set up our cable took over 6 months, 100% internal issues on their part. Cost us $1000s in time and oppertunity.

Budgeting Projects

"Full Price" is the friend rate. People who want deals are not friends. This goes for the business and the employee, no one works at a discount.

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