The Golden Cluck

Definity - HTML5 Template

AR Scavenger Hunt App

The FullScreen ELS After Party is the hottest ticket in town, but to get in you'll need to play the game.
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Find an AR Token

Augmented Reality tokens will be randomly generated at select event locations, giving a player 30-seconds to claim it.

Collect 5 Tokens

When a player collects 5 tokens, a "winner" page appears along with their ticket to the FullScreen after party.

Unique Tickets

Each winner is given a unique ticket QR code, that can be scanned at the door.

The Golden Cluck

Technical Specs

How it works behind the scenes
Vuforia Tags

We will use visual tags to mark where the chickens can randomly spawn. This will allow you to use spawn targets to direct traffic.

Multiple Events

Set the dates for when the app needs to function so players can visit more than one event.

Track User Interaction

Every in-game event is tracked, token spawn count and location, user interaction, and even total tickets generated vs used.

The Golden Cluck
Unique Players

Syncing user data to the device as well as the cloud assures us that only winning players attend the afterparty.

Familiar Game Design

The game is built around the popular & simple "Pokemon Go" play-style, removing the need for a tutorial.

Solid Development

The app is built using familiar tools and code base, allowing easy modifications for other uses down the line.

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