PepTalks stated in 2014. Eddie Pepitone had a pretty good year with his special "In Ruins" and documentary "The Bitter Buddha". His podcast started out as a way for him to keep in contact with friends and other top-tier comedians.

Peptalks slowly changed into a personal journal for Eddie's thoughts, dreams, and fears. The audience changed as well.

In the end of 2017 Eddie asked for advice on how his podcast should evolve, and I send an email. The next thing I knew, Eddie was giving me a tour through the Comedy Store in Hollywood and I was producing the podcast.

Learning New Stuff

I had some general ideas one how to both improve the numbers, but take weight off Eddie's schedule. The man is a tireless work horse, and anything to streamline his day is appreaciated.

Never have run a Podcast before, I spent the first week pulling as much info on Eddie's fan base and shows as I could. I charted his shows against a random test group of other shows on the same network. Studied social marketing, and began to expand Eddie's reach.


I really wanted Eddie to have more free time, so I wrote sample ads for his show. Something he could record all in one day, and sparce out over the month. He just started reading them live on air.