AE Video Wall

Brick by video brick

Brick by video brick

"Duplicate that layer until you get sick"

Adding a ton of clips to a grid takes a lot of time, and is boring. You have to get the grid looking good, everything lined up… yuck. So I made a couple of scrips to make it suck less.

For this I found a long video clip (around 2 hours long) and popped it into my AE project. I trimmed the new comp down to 6 minutes (about as much as I can handle in one sitting). I decided that 16:9 good enough resolution is around 800×450 for any single video. This makes my master video 3200×1350 big enough for 12 clips (4 columns & 3 rows). My video wall only needs 10, so good enough for me.

First I convert my 2+ hour video into a pre-comp (I just think it is easier to work with pre-comps). To that pre-comp I added a Time Remap – because I don’t want all the videos to look the same. Here is the code I added to re-time the videos:


// timeramp
var n=(index);
var s=1200;
var t=s*n;

// position
var n=(index);
var h=450;
var w=800;
var adjX = w/2;
var adjY = h/2;
var c=4;
var x = y = 1;
} else if(n<((c*2)+1)){
} else {
Clean up

Clean up

I came in later and added a NODE to adjust the number of Columns and Rows – In case I want to clean up that If/ELSE (it is really bugging me – this should be 2 lines of code not this knot of christmas lights — disgusting), and more importantly I added a slider to globally control the time for each video to start (this was stupidly helpful).