How to Film in 360°

Samsung asked me to help Fullscreen's influencers figure out 360° video production.

James Harden in 360 Be like...

Easily the most expensive shoot I have ever been on and one of the biggest production shoots because when you get to work with James Harden, EVERYONE has a reason to show up. James is great, but working with Brandon was fantastic. Keep your eye on that kid.


I was part of the training on this one. Samsung has some very VERY nice offices near Venice Beach, but I guess that sounds redundant. Working with FullScreen, Scott DW, and Samsung: Pie & Coffee was brought in during the production planning, and we provided services and training for the 360 camera, 360 video best practices, final edit and distribution. With over one million views it is easy to see why 360° content is a tent pole of VR.

Style Diary: Six Outfits in 360!

Teni is a blast to work with. I helped her concept out this video and again with the edit. There is really a lot of stuff going on here. I love working with Teni and the FullScreen team. I helped incubate the project, provided training on the 360° camera, and helped polish the edit. It was easy to see why Teni is a star.

Amazing 360° DUBSTEP Dance Video!!

Witnessing Matt Steffanina perform live is a gift, working with him was amazing. I worked with Matt every step of the way: from initial training through pre-production, filming, and editing. It was a great experience to work with one of the true stars of FullScreen. Pro Tip: keep extra batteries in the freezer, because these little cameras overheat fast!

The guy looking at his phone
The guy looking at his phone

The guy looking at his phone

If you want to know who is filming on the Gear, it is the guy looking at his phone the whole time.