Chat GPT

Practiced working with ChatGPT to write code.
Not the best I have had.

It has some interseting results. Reminds me of extreme programming, where you have 2 programmers on 1 machine. The difference being that one of the programmers has all the programming books memorized. Not all of the examples given worked straight off the bat.
Using Chat GPT as a coach isn't a terrible idea, but there is a steap learning curve for knowing what to ask.

The project I was working on with Chat GPT I never got to work. Admittedly I didn't have the time I needed to dedicate to it, but... also... the project was taking so long that the time-saving value of Chat GPT was equivical to just Googlin' it my own damn self.

Speaking of Google, I do use Chat GPT as more of a search engine. Google is great for when I want a link, but Chat GPT is really good at just giving me a damned answer.