Masters of the Cryptoyverese

Mattel x Cryptoys

Old Friends

Once again with feeling.

I as an AP for 2 Mattel games back in 2000-ish. Then I consulted on two animated series for Mattel around 2015. But by far, working with the Masters of the Universe team has been not only the easiest but the most amazing. The team at Mattel for Masters of the Universe has been fantastic to work with, super responsive, insanely supportive, and I'm running out of adjectives. What has helped is that every member of the OnChain team is hands on. There is no arm-char management, we are all invested. Changes or requests are attacked and ravenously executed. Freddy Oropeza has built an environment for artists unparalleled in this industry. The work is addicting and self-rewarding. There is so much love that goes into everything we do, and that's what the clients are reacting to.

Collector Map
Collector Map
Collector Map

Collector Map

This was a HUGE drop, with alomost 100 characters to collect across 3 waves. So much love went into each character. We pulled ideas from the original Mini-comics, cartoon series, and from our own imaginations.

Fandom Perfected

The MOTU fans are ravenous. I love them so much. Motu Joe is a perfect snapshot to who the ideal fan is. I love MOTU, so I realted with these fans so closely. I loved being invited to talk He-Man. I could do this all day.

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