PepTalks stated in 2014. Eddie Pepitone had a pretty good year with his special "In Ruins" and documentary "The Bitter Buddha". His podcast started out as a way for him to keep in contact with friends and other top-tier comedians.

Peptalks slowly changed into a personal journal for Eddie's thoughts, dreams, and fears. The audience changed as well.

In the end of 2017 Eddie asked for advice on how his podcast should evolve, and I send an email. The next thing I knew, Eddie was giving me a tour through the Comedy Store in Hollywood and I was producing the podcast.

Learning New Stuff

Learning New Stuff

I had some general ideas one how to both improve the numbers, but take weight off Eddie's schedule. The man is a tireless work horse, and anything to streamline his day is appreaciated.

Never have run a Podcast before, I spent the first week pulling as much info on Eddie's fanbase and shows as I could. I charted his shows against a random test group of other shows on the same network. Studied social marketing, and began to expand Eddie's reach.


I really wanted Eddie to have more free time, so I wrote sample ads for his show. Something he could record all in one day, and sparce out over the month. He just started reading them live on air.



Hey, it's me peeking out from the depths.